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The Club Swim Shop

The Club has a Swim Shop offering a large variety of swim wear and accessories, such as hats, goggles, floats and training fins etc. Specialist items such as performance suits, stopwatches and pool shoes can be ordered at a discount. The shop is located just outside the spectator gallery at Leisure World and is open at the times listed below.

New members to the Club should make the Swim Shop their first visit when joining to get their essential training accessories and Club gear.

Gunda Thomas runs the shop on a completely voluntary basis and will be happy to assist new and existing members to get the items they need.

Opening Times

With regards to the opening times, Gunda Thomas is usually available at Leisure World at the following times:-

Monday Morning (6.00am - 7.00am)
Wednesday Morning (6.00am - 7.00am)
Friday Evening (6.00pm - 7.30pm)

As Gunda is a Swim Parent who has kindly volunteered her time to run the Club Swim Shop she would not be stationed at the Club Swim Shop during the scheduled opening times but would be in the spectator gallery. Kindly therefore feel free to find her in the spectator gallery to open the shop, preferably at the start of the session. If you are not sure who Gunda is, simply ask one of the poolside coaches who would happily point her out for you.

Club Wear

The shop sells all items of our distinctive 'Club' wear: Endurance swimwear and our bright yellow hats, poolside shirts, hooded tops, polo shirts and Club Rucksacks.

Price List (correct at June 2018 but subject to change)

Club Kit

  • Swimzi Club Onesie 9-13 £55.00
  • Swimzi Club Onesie XS-S £65.00
  • Swimzi Club Hoodie 9-13 £35.00
  • Swimzi Club Hoodie XS-S £40.00
  • Swimzi Club Hoodie (Original) 9-13 £32.00
  • Swimzi Club Hoodie (Original) XS-S £37.00
  • Swimzi Unisex Poolside T-Shirts 9-13 £30.00
  • Swimzi Unisex Poolside T-Shirts XS-S £35.00
  • Swimzi Ladies Poolside T-Shirts 9-13 £30.00
  • Swimzi Ladies Poolside T-Shirts XS-S £35.00

Club Merchandise

  • Club Towel £20.00
  • Club Hat £6.50
  • Club Water Bottle £5.00
  • Swimmers Log Book £5.00
  • Club Rucksack (inc. embroidery of Swimmers Name) £39.00
  • Supporters Polo Shirts £12.50
  • Supporters T-Shirts £10.00
  • Club Card Holder £3.00
  • Club Badge £0.50


  • Speedo Fastskin IQ fit (Various Colours) £32.50 - £32.50
  • Speedo BioFuse Junior £14.00
  • Speedo BioFuse Adult £15.75
  • TYR Swimple Mirrored £12.50
  • TYR Tie-Dye Goggles £12.00
  • TYR Flex-Frame (Blue) £12.00
  • Speedo Junior Futura Ice £9.75

Various Costumes and Jammers

WSpeedo Endurance Jammers (Black) £12.00
- Various Costumes £10.00
- Various Jammers £10.00

Contact the Swim Shop e:

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